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Steve Rodgers

The Stochl Family appreciates any comments or stories you would like to share. We know there are many friends Dave has made over the years. Both professionally in the fire service and personally with his second passion of classic car restoration. So please post some of your favorite stories on this blog site.

The Rodgers Family

Nancy Daniel

I met Dave 13 years ago when I came to work at MOFD as an RN. I always looked forward to the classes that Dave attended, when I had EMS to teach. He always had a smile and kind words for me, and would activiely engage in the topic (even when his duties as Captain or resident I.T. Specialist were waiting up in the office!). He made time for every aspect of the job, and every one of us he worked with, even when he had plenty on his mind. His sense of humor and ability to laugh at himself was one of his most endearing traits. We'll all remember that life-saving drug "Diazenon" that he recommended for most medical conditions! I have an email that Dave wrote when he retired and was saying goodbye that I will treasure, because he made me feel part of his MOFD family. I will always remember him as a favorite "brother". Thanks, Karen and girls, for sharing him with us.

Christine Pokorny

I will always remember Dave for his "infectious" smile! No matter what was going on in his life or at the station, he always had that big toothy grin on his face! He was always there to lend a hand to whatever crisis arose. He never said no and you know you could count on him to help solve your problem! He was passionate about his duties in the fire service and to all those that crossed his path. He made each of us feel special in his life as I feel special for having known him. My prayers and thoughts go out to Karen, the girls, and to all his family.

Rob Dehoney

Dave Stochl,
Father, Fireman, Friend.
I first met up with Dave when I was working on a NASCAR race team in 1995. He was working the fuel island at the race track. As myself and the crew pushed the race car to the fueling station, I was greeted with a big smile and "how you guys doin"? Myself being a firefighter, we had an instant bond. He became a "regular" at our hauler every year, and he was always welcome by the team. Dave told me to give him a call if we ever stopped racing, as he would love to have me on the fire safety team at the race track. Well, we ran out of money, and I started working with Dave. Trips to Phoenix, Vegas, California Speedway and anywhere else we could go. Mother's cookies with iced frosting were our traveling staple!
Working with Dave at "Hoser's Garage", 14 hour road trips, hot days at the track, talking to him on race day from the fire house and just sitting with him, talking about life our all things I will miss. Dave was an exceptional individual, but I am sure you all knew that already. I miss you already buddy.
Rob Dehoney, Captain, Menlo Park Fire District

Frank and Janet Panacci

Our deepest condolences to Captain Stochl's family and to the Moraga Orinda Fire Department. Rob spoke often and fondly of Captain Stochl. Our family was beyond touched and honored to meet Capt. Stochl during Rob's service. May you find peace in the memories you have and in the knowledge that Dave touched the lives of so many.
Most sincerely
Frank and Janet Panacci

Ted Macaulay

I grew up with Dave in Lafayette and as someone mentioned earlier he always had a smile on his face and had a special way of saying "how you guys doin'?". We spend many a day horsing around and racing slot cars. He was a special friend and I am really sorry I didn't stay in closer contact with him after High School. My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen and his family.

Jacob Peeff

Dave Stochl was a really stand up guy. A true leader by example, he treated everyone with respect and dignity. I only knew him while working as a Reserve Firefighter with the MOFD, but he took the time to ask questions and get to know me, and that means a lot when you are at the bottom of the totem pole! His help with my resume and interviewing helped me to get hired full time with another department, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I won't soon forget his positive outlook or his humble, personable demeanor towards everyone.

Tonya Hoover

To Karen and the girls, his extended family, and his MOFD family,
My thoughts are with you all. Dave will always be remembered as a warm hearted and caring person, a "get-it" done guy, and one of those guys you could go to when you needed help (or an ear to run a thought past). Dave's smile was contagious and if you where in the room with that smile you couldn't help but smile along!
Though I can't be with you all, know my thoughts and prayers are with you! Much love.

Chad Marino

Capt. Dave Stochl is the man I hope to be one day. However, if I turn out to be half the man he was I will feel like my life was a success. I met Capt. Stochl when he showed up in my high school classroom as my ROP Fire Science instructor along with others from MOFD and other fire departments. Every time he came in the room he lifted everyone's sprits and made us all happy to just be around him. During that class and the following years, Capt. Stochl really helped mold the beginning of my career in the fire service and served as a role model. The lessons I learned riding along with him, in the classroom and during conversations with him at the station have permanently shaped my life and I can only hope that I can carry his lessons forward and touch someone else’s life the way he influenced mine. I didn’t know him for very long and never got really close but he managed to make an enormous impact on my life. My prayers and thoughts and those of ROP Fire Science Class 2006 go out to his family and the MOFD family.

Pam Dodson

Looking through the photos tells it all! Always, in good times and in bad, always a smile!! How can you not love a guy like Dave. He was a great man and will me missed by me and the rest of the EMS system. My prayers and thoughts are with both of his families.

Linda Pearl

Dave & I had a “special” bond…we were both from Minnesota. There is even a book out called “How to Talk Minnesotan”!!!

Besides being a Fire Captain, Dave also was a “Dweeb”. One day he came in to work on my computer and had me print something out as a test. I printed it and said “It made the paper triangular!” (I don’t always think before I open my mouth!!) He gave me “that look” like I had gone off the edge so I said “Is the paper not triangular?”…Nope!!! I had new glasses and kept telling the eyewear store they were off but they wouldn’t believe me so I brought them THAT news and they discovered that the person that put my prescription in the computer had added an extra zero!!! I was always grateful to Dave for “that look”!!! Otherwise, you all would still look triangular to me!! 

I will miss Dave dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with Karen, Chrissy, Andrea, Renee & Lauren.
Linda Pearl

Gary Pearl

Were does a person start when thinking about Dave? I remember starting in the fire service in 1989, Dave was one of the guys who “took me under his wing”. Dave would always give me advise on the right way to do things, whether it would be pulling hose to treating ‘customers’ with respect, to making the PERFECT root beer float. In fact Dave would sometimes suggest (when thinking about what to have for dinner, which takes up a good deal of conversation at the fire house) that we “skip dinner and go right to floats”. This would be universally accepted by all who were present.

I usually worked a different shift then Dave but I remember one shift when I worked a trade, I got the chance to work with Dave and E.J. Fontaine. We were dispatched to a call for a rat who had come out of a toilet, while an elderly lady happened to be sitting on it! EJ who as the Captain, received the information. Apparently, the alleged rat was still in the bathroom as the elderly lady exited the restroom “none-to-slowly”, and slammed the door after her exit. EJ, being the chivalrous public servant that he was, told the three elderly people who were there that “we will take care of this for you”. EJ proceeded to tell Dave and I that we will “dispatch” the alleged rat post haste. He also said that we will all go together. Now I’m sure that it looked very ‘three stooges like” with three grown men in full turnouts heading single file towards the restroom. Now I came to find out later that none of the three of us were fond of rats, especially ones that just came out of a sewer through someone’s toilet. In fact the three of us were definitely very afraid of rats.

So there we were, three big, brave firemen “quaking” in our boots as we approached the bathroom door, Dave in front, I’m in the middle and EJ “bravely defending our rear. I remember Dave slowly opening the door and peeking inside, I am very close to Dave with my hand on his shoulder and EJ with his hand on my shoulder. As we inched ourselves a little farther into the bathroom EJ pushed me into Dave which caused Dave and I to fall into the bathroom, EJ quickly slammed the door closed and held it tightly against Dave and my frantic escape! Then EJ yells into the bathroom “you guy’s take care of the problem, I’ll watch out here”. Well, at the same time this huge rat jumps out of the bathtub and proceeds to scramble up Daves pant leg. He screams like a little girl which makes me yank on the door to get out even harder. Mean while, Dave and I are scared “poopless” and we are both laughing hysterically causing tears to run out of our eyes which prevents us from seeing the rat which makes us laugh even harder. Now both Dave and I agreed later that this rat had to be at least a twenty pounder, with teeth three inches long and full of the Plague. After we ended up sending this rat to rat heaven with a large shovel we had brought with us, we discovered the rodent was only five inches long.
Now most people will remember Dave as a kind, big hearted guy with no malice what-so-ever. This day however Dave’s dark side came out as he told me with a wink “watch this”. He hollered to EJ, “come around to the window and bring us a sheetrock puller. EJ, thinking we still were trying to exterminate this vermin, came to the window where Dave proceeded to throw this rat at EJ. This took EJ by surprise and he ended up falling backwards on to his ‘cushion’.
Well, Dave and I came out of that bathroom as hero’s to the elderly people in that house but it also gave Dave and I plenty to laugh at for years after.
So, Karen, Chrissy, Andrea, Renee and Lauren, I’m hoping that this story brings a smile to your hearts. I know its been a hard time for you all this past twenty months. I will remember Dave as a caring big hearted man who loved you all very much and will be missed by all who were fortunate to have known him.
Gary Pearl

Tim Dillon

I met Dave some (30) years ago through the Higgins Brothers, and my friend Dan Rahmer,all who later became firefighters. He was always a fun-loving and kind person. Who whould have known that Dave and I would later re-connect in a 1984 Fire Academy. We thanked our lucky stars to get such a proud career!! My thoughts and prayers go out to all those that knew Dave, as he was truely a very special person. Dave, may your rest in peace, and God bless your family.

Billy White

I grew up with Dave,we went to high school together, hung out, did alot of fun crazy things in those days, he did have a contagious smile as most of you have said. Dave was one of my best men when i was married... and yes he did drive that mustang to the wedding...we were always doing something with dave and the not sure if he still has it, I think I read he was into falcons...well ford anyway..I really wish i would have stayed in touch with Dave. he was a wonderful person and fun to be around, and a great friend. Im in the fire service as well in sacramento and sure we could have shared a story or two as firefighters do so well. My prayers are with Daves family and feel lucky to have had Dave as my friend...Billy White

Jack Teague

I met Dave about 14 years ago when we moved into his neighborhood and attended the same church. We became friends over the years, sharing a passion for cars, trucks, and motorcycles (basically anything motorized). He did have an infectious smile, endearing personality, and a heart that just made it easy to become his friend. We'd go for an occasional motorcycle ride, hang out in his garage, and later on, I even drove him to a Ford Fun Weekend (in one of his Falcon's). I am not sure who had more fun, Dave or me? We attended many a men's retreat together and I always admired him as a friend, husband, firefighter, and brother. I can say
Dave forgot more than I will ever know about cars, bikes, etc...I was always amazed at his knowledge and passion for his toys. When Dave retired we began walking most mornings (before I went to work). It would usually be the two of us, Karen, and our two dogs. He always enjoyed those walks so much. He never completed a walk without commenting (with a big smile), "what a BEAUTIFUL day"!! Now what does that tell you about Dave? He'd always carry the dog poop (in those little plastic bags of course) from the spot of deposit to the nearest garbage can, or if need be, home. As he grew weaker, he really struggled sometimes to complete the walk, but he never complained. Then, when the walks stopped, we'd sit and talk, hang out in his garage, watch Nascar, talk guy stuff...He was always such a "trooper". This is probably my most memorable moment spent with Dave...In his final days I asked him if I could do anything for him? He opened his eyes, and whispered, "just be my friend". For anyone who knew Dave, this just about says it all.
That's the kind of guy Dave was. My prayers go out for Karen, Chrissy, Drea, Lauren, Renee, and the other members of his family. May God bless Dave, and I look forward to seeing him again one day. I'd also like to say a special thanks and a prayer for all of you firefighters. Dave always spoke of you in a way that only Dave could.

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